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Death and Dying

Chronic and Serious Illness

My Story


Truthfully, I cannot remember a time when I was not questioning the affairs of mind, body and spirit.  When I finally began my doctoral training in clinical psychology at University of Denver, I was well into adulthood and I felt instantly at home.  While I love, appreciate and rely on my traditional training every day, it wasn't until my Post-doctoral Fellowship in bone marrow transplant that I understood its limitations.  As I watched the people and families I treated be confronted with profound illness and sometimes death, my heart and spirit demanded I look at the whole human condition, not just the mind.


It was then that I began to draw on my personal experiences with yoga, meditation and intuitive energy healing.  While working at medical institutions like National Jewish Health and University of Colorado, Center for Integrative Medicine, I also sought training in Mind-Energy-Body psychotherapy, the Bowspring postural alignment My most recent training is in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and Ketamine Assisted Therapy and Psychedelic Integration.  

Now, it is my honor to tailor treatment plans and my readings to uniquely suit to my clients' needs.  I help them to listen to their intuition and their body's wisdom to guide them through life's difficult times, connect to their highest self and thrive in a way they never thought possible.  

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