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My Approach

My approach weaves together aspects of the mind, body and spirit for optimal healing and thriving. Because no one approach fits every person, my treatment plans and sessions never look the same.


Although we may travel in a general direction, I meet my clients where they are for that day.  It is like following a unique recipe for that person, in that moment, for their highest good.  One part talk therapy, one part meditation, one part intuitive reading, one part energy healing, one part somatic movement.


Below are the deconstructed ingredients of my approach.  


The foundation of this approach rests soundly in my traditional training in talk and insight-oriented psychotherapy. Specifically, modern, psychodynamic psychotherapy and Intersubjectivity. This theory acknowledges the unconscious as a major player in our behavior and that making the unconscious, conscious is curative.  It also suggests that family history is instrumental in forming our views of self and other, and that we tend to repeat historical, relational dynamics seeking repair and healing. Most importantly, I believe that empathy, understanding, and compassion in the context of relationship is our most powerful healing tool as therapists.  

Mind-Energy-Body Psychotherapy

Conditions such as trauma, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear and anger can find relief through Mind-Energy-Body Psychotherapy. By integrating the nervous system, heart, brain and subtle energy systems, I use my intuition to guide clients through the aspects of their energy field that most need healing. Then, using somatic techniques, meditation, and visualization, these sources of distress have the potential to heal. To learn more, please visit


Our posture is a direct reflection of our life experiences. When we are under stress or experience trauma, we tuck our tail, shrink our ribcage, and tuck the chin. We take on a closed posture of protection in which emotion and energy is blocked from flowing freely. This can manifest as anxiety, depression, and many other health problems. The Bowspring is a postural alignment which opens areas of the body that would normally close under times of stress and trauma. We create a fullness in the heart, openness in the pelvic region, and positivity by lifting the chin. As we shift our posture, we transform beliefs of self. The Bowspring postural alignment can be practiced in daily life for greater functionality, or performed in various poses in a fluid movement practice. In the Bowspring alignment, we bounce, pulse, and restore vital energy back to the body, thereby releasing stress and healing trauma. Clients describe feeling light, spacious, joyful and confident after practicing even the simplest postures.  

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