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Introduction to Somatics

Saturday, June 17 

10am - 12pm

Have you ever had emotions bubble to the surface in a yoga class? Or while getting a massage? These are important clues to a powerful, transformational process called Somatics.


Somatics is a path of emotional-spiritual transformation that is totally embodied. Participants will learn how to identify this process in themselves and to facilitate transformation using focusing techniques and the Bowspring postural alignment. It is a wonderful way to deepen self-awareness and to expand your Bowspring practice.


Liesel Hunter, Psy.D. brings 20 years experience in traditional psychotherapy with advanced training in intuitive, energy and somatic healing. She is a dedicated practitioner of the Bowspring and completed SSTT training at Vital in the Fall of 2015.

Early bird special $35 valid until June 10

Sign-up after June 10 $45 

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